Once upon a time in 1928

  • 1928


    V.D. Vincent and his wife began serving special dinners at their then “country cottage” in Northern Marion County. The beautiful hollyhocks that grew on the grounds gave way to the restaurant’s name, which this oldest restaurant has retained ever since. The restaurants original dining area was both small and intimate, seating up to 30 guests. Aside from a few intermittent periods during World War II, the Vincent’s operated Hollyhock Hill for nearly 20 years.

  • 1947


    Hubert “Hugh” Kelso purchased the restaurant that had grown to accommodate up to 70 guests with the cost for a complete dinner being nearly $3.00. Mr. Kelso’s forty year ownership of the private dining restaurant in Indianapolis led to numerous structural enhancements, fueling continued growth. He was active in the Indiana Restaurant Association (IRA), serving as Chairperson and inducted into the IRA Hall of Fame.

  • 1992


    Ownership of the now 150 seat Indianapolis landmark was turned over to longtime employees, Jay & Barbara Snyder. For over fifty years, The Snyder’s worked side-by-side to maintain and grow this dining institution – ushering in innovation, balanced with tradition – constantly focused on customer satisfaction. They were proud and deserving custodians of the Hollyhock Hill tradition, and remained active in the day-to-day management of the family style restaurant and enjoying their seven grandchildren. In 2016, Jay and Barbara decided it was time to retire and turned the restaurant selling best fried chicken in Indianapolis over to the hands of Kelly Haney.

Present Day...

While various innovations and advancements have been incorporated into this family dinners restaurants’ operation; many original recipes, techniques and philosophies remain in place. Today, Hollyhock Hill remains as one of a very few family style restaurants still in existence in the USA, serving patrons from all 50 states and numerous foreign countries. Hollyhock Hill’s rich history and longstanding commitment to excellence will no doubt pave the way toward its continued success well into the future.

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