Is there anyone who hates fried chicken? The answer to this question would be a big NO! Everyone loves fried chicken!  In fact, it is said that a bouquet of chicken is way better than a bouquet of flowers.

And if you are someone who loves fried chicken, then we can understand your craving for it. Fried chicken offers a filling meal that leaves you wanting for more. The temptation of a fresh home style cooked fried chicken straight from a pan to your plate is difficult to resist. So if you are craving the best fried chicken in America, then head over to Hollyhock Hill.

Visit Hollyhock Hill Indianapolis

Hollyhock Hill is a family style restaurant in Indianapolis. It is a popular fine dining restaurant and known for serving the best fried chicken in Indianapolis since 1928. Yes, you heard it right, it is one of the oldest restaurants in Indianapolis.

This family style restaurant believes in home style cooking for family dinners, which is the highlight of this place. It is a premier dining destination perfect for celebrating special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, business meetings, etc.

Location of Hollyhock Hill Family Restaurant in Indianapolis

This simple yet classy restaurant is located at 8110 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46240, USA.

Reasons to Visit Hollyhock Hill Indianapolis

This family style restaurant is located in Indianapolis and is ranked among the top restaurants in the mid-west.
Our customers travel from all over the country for special occasions held at Hollyhock Hill.  Even our “local” customers come for the best fried chicken in all of Greenwood, Kokomo, Lafayette and surrounding areas. It is also honored by Travel and Leisure Magazine as well as YAHOO! Travel as the restaurant serving “America’s Best Fried Chicken”. Apart from this, this traditional restaurant is also featured on the cover page of Saveur magazine for its “Perfect Fried Chicken”.

Fried Chicken at Hollyhock Hill Family Restaurant in Indianapolis

The delicious and lip-smacking fried chicken at Hollyhock Hill is succulently juicy, super crispy on the outside and deliciously moist on the inside. Though it is difficult to find this harmony between the crispy crust and the juicy meat, Hollyhock Hill Indianapolis does it just the right way! Their fried chicken bursts with juicy flavors in your mouth and you might just need to wipe off the juice from your chin, after all, if that does not happen, then your chicken missed the mark.

Fried chicken is the signature dish of this family restaurant in Indianapolis and has been on the menu since its inception. Their fried chicken is a labor of love coupled with traditional home style cooking involved.

Hollyhock Hill’s master chefs have years of fried chicken cooking experience as they fry millions of chicken pieces annually, that must be more than anyone on the planet. The talented chefs at Hollyhock Hill cook the mouth-watering fried chicken in a cast-iron skillet until it is perfectly golden brown. They serve it with buttery corn, mashed potatoes along with other siders.

Hollyhock Hill Indianapolis Restaurant Features

The restaurant boasts of its high standards of service and unique ambiance. The family restaurant in Indianapolis is a treat for the appetite as well as the eyes. It features elegant interior and decor with touches of modernity. The private dining area at Hollyhock Hill is spacious and comfortable to give its guests unparalleled dining experience.